Anonymous asked: "please can you make one of Cassie and Jake when he apologizes for saying he doesnt have feelings for her and them dancing - about to kiss pleeassee thank you :)"

sure, I’ll make gifs from these scenes later today! :)

Anonymous asked: "the psd isnt on xanis' blog anymore.. can i just come off anon and can you give it to me? :/ i've had the coloring you're using before but i deleted it on accident"

No, sorry, but it wouldn’t be okay, to give you a psd, which wasn’t made by me. Especially, since she probably had her reasons to delete it from her blog and I have to respect that. 

imsorryimgone-deactivated201201 asked: "ugh i loved your blog and your colorings, gimme your talent"

omg what talent? but seriously, thank you so much <3 :’)

Anonymous asked: "Can you make more of TLG gifs please <3 love your blog by the way, your gifs are flawless!!"

Sure, but can you be a little more specific? Like which scenes you’d like me to gif the most or at least with which characters etc.? :) Because I don’t have any episodes of TLG in hd and I have to download it anyway, so I’ll start downloading the episode you want to see giffed the most! :) and thank you! <3

Anonymous asked: "are you looking for a co-owner right now? :)"

definitely not, sorry! ;) but if I ever will be looking for one, I’ll write about it here :)